November 2022 Printable Calendar

    Here, November 2022 Calendars! When it comes to calendars, the only thing that could possibly be better than printed calendars is free printed calendars. That’s why we took the liberty of offering twelve months of free printable calendar templates directly off our website to anyone looking for them.

    On this page you will find our November 2022 Calendar to download, print, and enjoy for use within your home or office this year!

    The best way to make a great planning is to get a free printable November 2022 calendar to use. When I was preparing something for my personal use, it took me several days. However, using a free November 2022 printable calendar will help you to save your time.

    November 2022


    The word November is derived from the Latin novem, meaning nine. On the Roman calendar, November was the 9th month of the year. Like October, Numa Pompilius moved November when January and February were added to more accurately reflect the length of a year on Earth.


    November was the ninth month in the Roman calendar until 45 BC, when it became the eleventh month. November was also the tenth month of the early Julian calendar, which was used in Europe at that time. November remained the eleventh month of the Roman calendar when the Julian calendar was adopted by Caesar Augustus in 8 BC.

    One thing many voices seem to agree on is that November can be a time of fluctuation. We may find ourselves overwhelmed and sluggish one day and the sun shining brightly the next. November doesn’t just signify fall and winter weather and holidays, though. It also makes for a turbulent time in our lives as we transition into the holiday season.

    November can be considered the classic month for Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, Thanksgiving feasts, and trick or treating. It’s also the birth month of well-known figures like Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President; Marie Curie, one of the world’s first female scientists; and King Tutankhamen.


    November is here and this month sees the birthstone topaz make its official debut. Topaz is the birthstone for November and it has also been claimed to be one of the most powerful gemstones on Earth. It symbolizes love, loyalty, strength, friendship, good luck, and happiness. Learn more about this popular gemstone in today’s article!

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