July 2022 Printable Calendar

    Instead of spending money on expensive “paper planners” or “organizational apps” every year, why not print out a FREE July 2022 Calendar? It’s simple; they are filled with white space that allows you to plan for any occasion – whether they are personal or professional. We also help you save money by including all of the major holiday dates in our calendars!

    This July 2022 calendar will come in handy for some vacation planning. Despite rising costs of living, it is still possible to enjoy some quality time with friends and family while traveling on a budget. All you need to do is plan ahead and not leave any room for unplanned expenses. Either way, thanks to this free printable July 2022 calendar , you won’t have to worry about missing out on these opportunities.

    July 2022 calendar is now available for download free of cost. You can now download the blank printable calendar and print as many as needed. All calendars are made available in both pdf and excel formats making them easier to download and print.

    July 2022


    The month of July, whose English is Julie, whose Latin is Julius and means “Julius’s month”, has passed into Turkish from Syriac (from the word tammūz) without much change. This month in the Gregorian calendar was named “July”, in honor of Julius Caesar, the Roman Emperor and political and military leader. The word “tamu-z”, meaning “too hot” and “hell”, was used in Old Turkic. In Turkish, this month is called “sickle bear” or “grass bear”. Also the origin of the word Tammūz is a Babylonian and Assyrian god (known as Dumuzi in the Sumerians). It was believed that this god, the god of fertility, gave life to nature in spring.


    July is the second month of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but it’s considered to be the second and coldest month of the winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The weather is apt to be a bit wintry, with a few passing showers.

    It’s that time of year again, the month that seems to be dedicated to freedom, independence, and celebrations of country and culture.  Well, do you know how July got its name? What we celebrate in July? And lots more wit and wisdom to start your month out right!


    When it comes to socializing, July-born babies are not so keen of mingling with new people. They are born with a self-centered nature and generally do not care about what other people have to say. Therefore, they only stay in the picture if the conversation starts revolving around their interests.

    Being a July sign, your baby will be an entertaining and lively child. People around him or her will adore the little toddler’s exuberance and golden heart.


    Ruby is the perfect birthstone for July babies.The ruby is the most popular of all colored gemstones. It’s an incredible, fiery gem set in gold, silver, platinum or any other precious metal. The classic design of a ruby ring is timeless with its gold setting curving down to provide maximum protection for the stone cut-out. Red garnets are the complementary birthstones for July babies, but rubies are far superior.

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