January 2022 Printable Calendar

Our January 2022 calendar printable PDF’s can be downloaded at no cost. There is no need to spend money on anything if you do not want to. Instead, utilize our free printable calendars so you can plan ahead. It can be helpful to many people especially those that are just starting their careers.

Each free printable calendar template features Monday to Sunday weekly planner layouts, with big blocks for each day.We hope you enjoyed our collection of printable January 2022 calendar. You’ll also see there are other months to choose from. We take great pride in offering the year 2022 to 2023, which many other sites do not! We’ve even gone further and created calendars all the way to year 2022, which you’ll find if you scroll down!.There is no match or similar to our calendars prepared in 4 different themes and all of high quality.

January 2022


January is, of course, named after Janus, the Roman god of transitions. Doors are an obvious symbol for opportunity. Although the new year doesn’t really begin until March, January represents the transition of one year to another. A lot of people are waiting to see what direction they are going to take their life in. There are new goals that people hope to achieve or new plans that people put into place. It is an interesting time of reflection and new beginning for most people.

It should be said that the tradition of celebrating January 1st as New Year’s Day is a relatively modern convention. The Romans, themselves, celebrated the new year to coincide with the Kalends (the first day) of Mars (March). The month of January was named after Janus, the two-faced god of endings and beginnings, as it saw the end of old business and the beginning of new.


January is the first month of the year, so it’s no surprise that it has 31 days. And with two national holidays during this month:New Year’s Day  and Martin Luther King Jr. Day . So if you’re looking for a printable calendar template, you came to the right place because we have a great collection of formats to choose from.

The most important part of any new year is to understand the history behind why people would celebrate the new year on this particular month. Our understanding of the new year begins with January. January takes its name from this tow headed god, and it makes us wonder why it took so long to celebrate the new year in January, but it did.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the months of January and February are typically the coldest, although it can still get colder than these months elsewhere. The reason is due the low sun angle at its lowest point in the sky. Once that sun starts getting higher in the sky it will be warming up the ground instead of cooling it off.


January babies are the new year’s baby. Born under the mystic moon of January, you are thought to be endowed with many opportunities that are, in some way or the other, related to luck. You are considered born to lead. As a result of being born in January you have a natural head start over all those who do not share your birth month. They may prove to be mentors, but never quite as successful as YOU, because ultimately YOU have been chosen as their mentor due to YOU being the chosen one from birth—the chosen one from God.


The Garnet is thought to be the birthstone of January, which is also known as the month of the Capricorn. It takes its name from a sacred fruit that was born in India. Once upon a time, this special fruit has strong significance to the Jewish traditions and Christianity as well. The garnet now has many uses, but one of its most mesmerizing is as a gemstone for jewelry such as rings and earrings. These gemstones are available in different forms such as red, green and orange. You can also find rare gems called color-change garnets that change colors depending on lighting and where you’re wearing it.

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