August 2022 Printable Calendar

    Looking for an August 2022 calendar download? You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find our affordable editable templates that are perfect for personal, business, school or other professional use. Unlike comparable calendars found in stores, these downloadable templates are easily customizable so you can add holidays, birthdays, events and other important days to your customized printable calendar.

    These editable templates will help you stay organized while remaining cost-effective. You can even have your favorite months printed time after time with the same layout to use as a yearly calendar too!

    August 2022

    August is considered the start of the new school year in many areas, so you can also see it as a kind of new beginning. Many students are wondering when the first day of school is, so if you liked this calendar, do share it with your friends who are still searching for August 2022 printable calendar to hang in their bedroom. Following is the August 2022 Calendar for all States.


    It is called Augustus menilis in Latin, meaning “the month of Augustus”. In Latin, augere means “to increase, to grow, to exalt”. The month of August is named after Caesar Augustus, the first emperor of Rome. Augustus’ birth name was originally Gaius Octavius Thurinus; however, he received this nickname because of the word’s meaning of “exaltation”.

    Just as Julius Caesar’s month July (July) has 31 days, August also has 31 days because he wanted his own month to have 31 days. Since Augustus coincided with the time of Cleopatra’s death, he wanted this month to be placed in its place on the calendar. Before this month change was made, since August was the 6th month in the Roman calendar, which started with March, it was called Sextilis menelis (6th month) in Latin.


    August is the eighth month of the year. It is preceded by July and succeeded by September. It was named August after Augustus Caesar, making it the first month of the first year of the first century of the modern era. The month had 30 days for centuries, but it had 29 days from 1609 to 1752.

    It then began having 31 days until 1800, when it reverted to 30 days until standardization in 1887.Today, August is the eighth month of the modern calendar with 31 days.

    August is a month of endings and beginnings. While it may be said that all things cycle and recycle, one can draw a line in the sand and mark off summer and winter season this time of the year.


    There are three birthstones for August, each representing the characteristics that people born in August are said to possess. Peridot is said to represent vitality, happiness, and prosperity.

    Because peridot gemstones are known for being found in extraterrestrial places like meteorites, it is said they make their owners feel as if they have an extraterrestrial beauty.

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