April 2022 Printable Calendar

A blank April 2022 Calendar is a great resource for those who have to print calendars every year. In this case, a blank calendar can help you save money as you will no longer have to buy calendars from the shop.

A blank calendar will do the same job as a store-bought one and that’s why we have created a free, blank April 2022 Calendar that you can freely download here.

There are so many different calendars present on the internet that it’s very hard to find the most beautiful one. Luckily, here you will find exactly that kind of calendar. A beautiful and free 2022 April calendar. Moreover, you will see how using the calendar makes you more planned and gives you extra time for social events. For a free 2022 April calendar with a simple design, you just need to click the download button, then you can just enjoy the rest of the month.

April 2022


April is the 4th month of the year according to the Gregorian Calendar and has 30 days. There are two important days in April ; Earth Day and Easter.

April is one of the most beautiful months in my opinion. It doesn’t get cold, it doesn’t sweat; Since the stoves and heaters are turned off, the air is beautiful, we feel that we are breathing in cities; Swallows come, swans come, bugs come to life (which may not be pretty for those with arachnidphobia), the bees come to life, the nightingales sing, the flowers bloom and not only bloom, but it also smells fragrant, nature puts on the beautiful jewelery it took off and flakes off;

For those who look at the land from the sea, the view is much greener and more beautiful than in the last few months, and for those who look at the sea from the land, the sea is an even more beautiful blue.

Can there be revival on land but not in the sea? Of course it lives. In the endless diversity of the sea, microscopic creatures, phytoplankton and plankton, are much more than the sea creatures we can see with the naked eye. These creatures also begin to multiply and fill the seas in the spring.

 This is why the view of the clear sea, which lasts throughout the winter, is somewhat blurred in the spring. There is no dirt in the middle (dirty places are different, of course), there is biodiversity. Some of these creatures glow with the energy released when they move. We say we cannot burn this light.


The month of April, whose Latin is Aprilis, takes its meaning from the Latin word “aperire” (to open). It refers to the season when the trees start to bloom. In Greek, the month of April is called Απρίλιος (Aprillius). The word derives its meaning from Aphro, an abbreviation for Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty.

Its Turkish comes from Persian (April), Syriac (Nisanna), Sumerian (Nisag). The word meaning has meanings such as “first fruit”, “first month of the year”, “fresh crop”, “flood” in Akkadian and Sumerian. It is used as “because he came down from the sky nīsān ḳaṭresi” in Aşık Pasha’s Garibname dated 1330. The word is also used in Arabic as “the second month of the Rumi calendar”.


April’s birthstone is the diamond, which symbolizes strength and perfection. It further enhances the wearer’s relationship with self, others and the world around us if worn by those born in the month of April.

The stone is also believed to bring balance, clarity and abundance into one’s life. It’s considered a gem that helps support those born in the month of April with inner strength for clearer perception on an intellectual level.

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